Data-driven Decisions, Made Simple

Prism gives you everything you need to effectively
manage and analyze all your locations around the world.

Get anytime, anywhere access to what’s happening in every one of your locations.

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Eliminate the guesswork and optimize your business with actionable insights.

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Harness the power of the cloud to manage your cameras and connected devices in real-time.

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The Guessing Stops Here

Bring web-style analytics to your offline channels
to better run your business.
analyticsTrafficMap analyticsPathmap analyticsHeatmap analyticsReports analyticsAreaCount analyticsDwellOccupancy analyticsZoneEntryCount
  • Pathmaps

    Stop guessing — see exactly how people navigate your sites

  • Heatmaps

    Highlight where people spend time and what they interact with in any space

  • Entry Count

    Know exactly how many people enter, and when

  • Dwell

    Understand the average duration of time people
    spend in any area

  • Traffic Map

    See real-time, visual summaries of traffic flows and customer dwell

  • Area Count

    Measure how many people
    visit any one area

All Things, Managed

Remotely monitor device performance
and available software updates.

Take Their Word for It

See what people have to say about Prism.
  • “Prism gives me real-time access to the store at any given time, which has been incredibly helpful given the amount of time I travel…I can use Prism ten times easier than I can half the apps on my phone.”

  • “The nice thing about Prism is that it’s anonymizing. There’s no personal data being reflected because it’s all aggregated. And [with Prism] we could definitely see, after changing a display, the traffic really picking up there.”

  • “Anyone can get video, review it and connect the dots. But when you have a system that connects the dots for you by telling a story about which shoes are being touched more frequently — that can equate to a sale.”

  • “We’ve been growing rapidly, year over year – and using Prism has directly caused 1-2% of that sales increase.”

  • “You can actually get to see – this is where people are walking, this is what people are touching — and get the intelligence to create a more positive customer experience.”

  • “I can access this software in Asia, in New York, on my cellular phone…It’s very convenient, especially when there’s some kind of a problem. It gives me peace of mind.”

  • “The technology still provides the same analytics insight, but it also preserves the privacy of the people being filmed.”

  • “It’s a simple and scalable way to understand product lift and customer movement across thousands of sites, and to gain immediate, mobile access to views of any shelf, display or store.”

  • “A San Francisco boutique [owner] says she moved scarves to a table near the back of the store after tracking data showed – to her surprise – that customers linger longest at displays located far from the entrance.”

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