The Building Blocks

Prism’s leading computer vision technology is driving the creation of revolutionary visual access and business intelligence tools.

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Big Data

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Video Condensation

Prism has reimagined video compression. No other technology has the power to reduce bandwidth to 1/100th the size of HD video, while keeping the information that matters crystal-clear.

Privacy protection

We’re the only platform in the world that’s built privacy protection into its core processing engine. At the same time visual quality is enhanced, people and objects are separated for removal from view.
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Auto Calibration

Prism has taken the headaches out of video configuration. Effortlessly calibrate and automatically configure fixed cameras with machine learning instead of human intervention.

Big Data Processing

Access and interact with the information you want, pulled from Prism’s collection of billions of unique video data points. Understand big data in real-time.

Data Visualization

Prism’s unique combination of visual information and data makes the complex easy to understand. We’re pioneering new ways to model big data.

Learning Architecture

Pair Prism’s unique video dataset with our machine learning algorithms, and you create a new class of adaptive object recognition features. Prism’s smart processing improves as the database grows, continuously bringing more robust insights to our users.

Manage Your Video Network

Start thinking of your video cameras as visual sensors collecting a complex type of data — video. Prism transforms that data into insights while providing cloud-based device management, upgrades, and health monitoring, in a proven infrastructure that spans 80+ countries and the toughest IoT video platforms.


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