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3 Reasons You Should A/B Test Your Stores

Traditionally, Visual Merchandisers and Marketers have relied on intuition to develop merchandising and promotional strategies. But as retailers compete against other stores and websites to win the attention of customers, it is critical to stand out from the competition.  Online retailers have been able to A/B test their sites quickly (and affordably) for years. Physical […]

Three Reasons We’re Excited about Shop.org

Next week, we’re headed to Seattle for the biggest digital retail event of the year! Ecommerce has grown rapidly, in part because online stores are able to easily A/B test and optimize their sites. We’re looking forward to chatting with retailers about how this same data can be made available to real-world stores. We’re also exited about:1)   Trailblazer Speakers […]

Recapping IRDC

We just got back to the office with fresh tans and heaps of newly-made memories from the International Retail Design Conference, held in Miami, Florida.  This year’s conference was three days of relationship building, thought leadership, and idea sharing with the brightest minds in retail. We had the opportunity to listen to and learn from […]

How We Made Every Person on Market Street Disappear

Every day, thousands of people walk, run, bike, and at times, stumble down Market Street in San Francisco. It’s a busy place and home to our largest mall, countless businesses, and of course, the Prism office.  We wanted to see just how well our privacy protection technology works in extremely high-traffic areas. So, we positioned […]

Spring Retail Trends

2014 had a rocky start for stores: Winter storms and thrifty customers contributed to a 0.6% drop in January retail sales. But February marked a rebound, and now with daylight savings time in full swing, spring hours, warmer days, and optimistic shoppers are driving retail forward. Here’s what we’re seeing “springing up”: Retailers as Curators […]