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How Smartphones and Tablets Really Impact Retailers

Mobile payments, mobile marketing, mobile sales — retailers are almost as excited as their users are when it comes to the latest and greatest tablet or smartphone. But it’s not all positive news for brick-and-mortar stores, with headlines of “Retailers: Evolve or Die” and “Showrooming Takes Over.” What’s the deal? Should stores worry about how […]

How to Run Your Store
Like Your Website
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Ecommerce has grown rapidly, in part because online stores have access to a wealth of data. With a few clicks, retailers can optimize their websites and quickly create a better shopping experience for customers.Physical stores have only recently had access to these types of metrics and insights, and we want to show you how you can […]

3 Reasons You Should A/B Test Your Stores

Traditionally, Visual Merchandisers and Marketers have relied on intuition to develop merchandising and promotional strategies. But as retailers compete against other stores and websites to win the attention of customers, it is critical to stand out from the competition.  Online retailers have been able to A/B test their sites quickly (and affordably) for years. Physical […]