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How to Run Your Store
Like Your Website
[Free Download]

Ecommerce has grown rapidly, in part because online stores have access to a wealth of data. With a few clicks, retailers can optimize their websites and quickly create a better shopping experience for customers.Physical stores have only recently had access to these types of metrics and insights, and we want to show you how you can […]

How We Made Every Person on Market Street Disappear

Every day, thousands of people walk, run, bike, and at times, stumble down Market Street in San Francisco. It’s a busy place and home to our largest mall, countless businesses, and of course, the Prism office.  We wanted to see just how well our privacy protection technology works in extremely high-traffic areas. So, we positioned […]

Liberty Fairs Recap: Fashion and Lifestyle Brands Come Together

Las Vegas may immediately bring to mind glitz, gambling, and spur-of-the-moment weddings — but once a year, it’s also home to the best of the fashion industry. Liberty Fairs is a premier event that showcases over 380 brands in a combination of up-and-coming names and industry stars like Desigual, Red Wing Shoe Co., and G-Star […]

Behind the Lens: Yelena Reyfer, QA Lead

Favorite Food: Thai! Chicken curry in particular. Favorite Quote:There’s a very old Russian saying I’m fond of: “Everything’s going to be okay or even better.” At Prism, we want our app to be perfect. That’s why we were recently lucky enough to have Yelena join the team. She’s helping ensure that our app’s the best […]

NRF Big Show Recap

The Prism team was in New York last week for Retail’s Big Show. With over 30,000 retailers, integrators, and vendors in attendance, there was never a slow moment at our booth. We got to see some amazing new retail tech and share Prism’s plans for 2014 with some of the industry’s best and brightest. The […]