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Behind the Lens: Henry Lu, Backend Software Engineer

Summer is winding to an end (even in the Bay!) and Prism’s newest team members are settling in and learning the ropes. Henry is our newest Berkeley grad to join the crew, and we’re glad to have him on board! Favorite Food:Taiwanese and Japanese. Favorite Quote:“The best way to predict the future is to invent […]

Behind the Lens:
Constantin Kisly

Constantin recently joined the Prism team full-time, and I was excited for the chance to chat with him about what he does as a Customer Support Specialist! Favorite Food: Moussaka! Favorite Quote: “Citius – Altius – Fortius” (The Olympic motto: Faster – Higher – Stronger) What’s your role at Prism, and what are you working […]

Behind the Lens: Yelena Reyfer, QA Lead

Favorite Food: Thai! Chicken curry in particular. Favorite Quote:There’s a very old Russian saying I’m fond of: “Everything’s going to be okay or even better.” At Prism, we want our app to be perfect. That’s why we were recently lucky enough to have Yelena join the team. She’s helping ensure that our app’s the best […]