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The Brick and Mortar Experience: What Shoppers Value Most

It’s no secret that online shopping has exploded in the past few years. Shoppers have almost everything in the world available for purchase right at their fingertips. While some retailers scramble to increase their online offerings, other large retail companies who once operated solely on the web are taking their products to the streets. Amazon […]

Retail Trends: Predictions for 2015 and Beyond

Today’s connected, mobile shopper expects retailers to embrace omnichannel strategies to bridge the gap between offline and online stores. With these shifting rules of retail, solutions like iBeacon are just the start of store innovation. Whether it’s marketing, merchandising, or operations, merchants are changing how they create the best customer experience.Here are the key online, […]

How Smartphones and Tablets Really Impact Retailers

Mobile payments, mobile marketing, mobile sales — retailers are almost as excited as their users are when it comes to the latest and greatest tablet or smartphone. But it’s not all positive news for brick-and-mortar stores, with headlines of “Retailers: Evolve or Die” and “Showrooming Takes Over.” What’s the deal? Should stores worry about how […]

Retail for Millennials:
What to Expect

Millennials are taking retail by storm — and they’re just gearing up. In the next five years Gen Y, the 18-34 year-old bracket, is expected to represent upwards of 30% of all retail sales. As the first truly tech generation starts families, buys homes, and takes the lead as the major consumer force, how will […]

Retail Holiday Forecast with a side of “Frozen”

With Halloween finally over, we’re into the the full swing of the Thanksgiving season. Now that pumpkin spice lattes have returned, it’s apparent that winter is coming. As this year’s holiday shopping period rapidly unfolds, we have some predictions for the biggest season in retail:Mobile is going to be even bigger.Last year, retailers made a […]

How to Run Your Store
Like Your Website
[Free Download]

Ecommerce has grown rapidly, in part because online stores have access to a wealth of data. With a few clicks, retailers can optimize their websites and quickly create a better shopping experience for customers.Physical stores have only recently had access to these types of metrics and insights, and we want to show you how you can […]

3 reasons Amazon is opening a physical store

In the past, Seattle-based ecommerce giant, Amazon, has experimented with physical locations in the form of metal storage lockers (aptly called Amazon Lockers) to address the concern of missed deliveries or items being stolen from doorsteps. But, they’ve never committed to an actual physical store location. Until now. This week, Amazon announced that their first storefront will […]

Welcome Back to School

The Back to School season is one of the biggest of the year for retailers. Sales and promotions are everywhere, as stores gear up for what will be the biggest retail event until Thanksgiving.According to the National Retail Federation, families are expected to spend $26.5 billion on back-to- school items. That comes out to $670 […]