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Behind the Lens: Stephanie Ho, Software Engineer

Internships are important to have on your resume when you start looking for a job, but sometimes the internship itself is great enough you’d rather have it be the job! Stephanie Ho, one of our all-star software engineers, started out as an intern at Prism — and then joined the team full-time after graduation. We’re glad […]

Prism at CppCon: Huu Nguyen’s Lightning Talk on C++ Requests

Prism’s full stack is pretty extensive — a lot of different libraries and languages come with the territory when you’re doing everything from front-end and mobile app development to hardware integrations. So in late September, we sent some folks from our Edge and Research teams to CppCon in Bellevue, Washington to learn about the best practices […]

Prism Milestones: TechCrunch Anniversary

Fall is always a special time around Prism. Not only does it mark our birthday as a company — it also marks the moment we first realized how well our vision stood out from the startup crowd. Prism competed in the 2011 TechCrunch Disrupt competition when our app was barely two months old and walked home […]

Behind the Lens: Henry Lu, Backend Software Engineer

Summer is winding to an end (even in the Bay!) and Prism’s newest team members are settling in and learning the ropes. Henry is our newest Berkeley grad to join the crew, and we’re glad to have him on board! Favorite Food:Taiwanese and Japanese. Favorite Quote:“The best way to predict the future is to invent […]

Prism Offsite: Team-Building 2015!

This September, the Prism crew road-tripped two hours south of the Bay to spend three days at Bar SZ Ranch. In between planning the future of Prism with in-depth roadmap sessions and addressing key sales and engineering challenges with team breakouts, there were plenty of opportunities for fun as well! Horse rides, skeet shooting, star […]

Behind the Lens: Brian Hanson, Partner Program Manager

Recently there’s been a flurry of summer activity and everyone has been even busier than usual. I was lucky to grab one of our vets for a quick sit down. Brian is one of Prism’s early employees, so it was about time I chatted with him about all the impressive work he’s doing managing our […]

Behind the Lens:
Constantin Kisly

Constantin recently joined the Prism team full-time, and I was excited for the chance to chat with him about what he does as a Customer Support Specialist! Favorite Food: Moussaka! Favorite Quote: “Citius – Altius – Fortius” (The Olympic motto: Faster – Higher – Stronger) What’s your role at Prism, and what are you working […]