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New Year, New Features, New Pricing

It’s a new year, and with that comes new innovations and trends for retail. In particular, Forbes is calling 2018 the “year of technology” with more integration of it into mainstream retail. If retailers want to continue bringing in new and repeat customers, they can’t keep doing what they’ve always done — they truly have […]

Announcing: Prism’s New Reports Feature

You asked for more flexible reporting tools, and we listened. The new Reports feature is now live, enabling total customization. Create any combination set of Sites, Areas, and Metrics to get exactly the data you need — whether you want entry counting, area counting, occupancy metrics, or dwell reports. The parameters are limitless: There are no […]

Meet the New Sites Page!

We’re excited to announce the latest refresh of the Sites page. This update brings you new and improved ways to remotely manage your stores in real-time, including: Next-Generation Pathmaps Pathmaps have always been one of our customers’ favorite features. With the latest update, you now have the ability to create Pathmaps on any enabled camera […]

Prism’s New Analytics Lead to More Insights

We’re excited to announce a suite of new analytics to help retailers better understand how customers experience their stores. We’re offering new dashboards, reports, and visualizations to empower retailers and our partners with the insights they need to fully understand the customer journey, and optimize every store across their enterprise. Understanding the Customer Journey With […]

Announcing Prism Connect

Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of Prism Connect. For the past three years, we’ve been transforming video cameras into new tools for retail marketing, merchandising and operations. With Prism Connect, we’re opening up our platform to device manufacturers and enabling the creation of entirely new types of visual sensors.  With Prism Connect, our […]

Just how busy are you? Ask our Crowd Report.

If you want to create a better customer experience, understanding how many people enter your store is a great start. But without additional context, such as traffic patterns, conversion rates, or even product interaction, it can be difficult to get a clear picture of store performance.  That’s why we’re excited to re-launch Prism’s Crowd Report. It’s the easiest way […]

This Week at Prism: the Internet of Things Unconference

There’s never a dull weekend in San Francisco — whether it’s food truck festivals, live theatre, or the Dog Days of summer, Saturdays are always jam-packed with things to do. This weekend we’re particularly excited for the San Francisco Internet of Things Unconference taking place on the 16th. The day-long speaker series is audience led […]

Announcing Prism 2

It’s a big day for Prism Skylabs. We’re launching an entirely new version of our cloud service, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with the world. In the past year, we’ve partnered with some of the largest and most innovative retailers to help them better manage their business and optimize their stores. […]