The Prism Platform + Microsoft Cognitive Services

When we launched the Prism Vision mobile application this fall, our goal was to empower businesses across all industries with the ability to leverage video for smarter decision making. Central to this mission has been the development of an open platform that can harness the most sophisticated A.I. and machine learning technology, and deliver it to a vast ecosystem of cameras and devices — making powerful, cutting edge capabilities accessible to a large number of users.

Today, we’re excited to share details around our recent collaboration with Microsoft.  We’ve integrated their Computer Vision API, part of Microsoft Cognitive Services, which brings advanced tagging and search capabilities to Prism Vision.

Through our platform, we’ve created a direct connection between the video that’s collected from Prism-enabled cameras, and the Microsoft API, eliminating the task of manually searching through hours of video footage in order to find important visual information.

Take a look at this new video featuring an interview with our CEO, Steve Russell, and more details about the search capabilities within Vision that are powered by Microsoft’s API. To learn more about Vision, visit or find us in the iOS app store.

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