Re-Defining Enterprise Video

Five years ago, Prism was founded with a simple yet revolutionary mission: transform enterprise video into data that can make businesses smarter and more profitable. We started by carving a path to connect networks of cameras to an intelligent cloud that delivers insights about business performance. Today, we’re leveraging new capabilities built from A.I, computer vision and machine learning to fully tap the hidden value within video.

We’ve been deployed by hundreds of retailers in 80 countries around the world, and have tracked nearly 5 billion customer interactions. We’re also just getting started.

Building a truly open platform has been integral to getting to where we are today. By partnering with 12 of the world’s leading camera manufacturers (a list that continues to grow), we’ve made it possible for our customers to turn their cameras into powerful business tools. Partners join Prism Connect to help evolve their hardware from security devices into powerful sensors for business operations, marketing and merchandising. With more partnerships in the queue, we’re bringing Prism to a vast ecosystem of devices, including emerging technologies like 3D, thermal and other sensors that challenge the traditional definition of a camera.

The last five years can, in part, be measured by the tremendous effort that has gone into proving our platform within retail. We’ve paid attention as different users from CEOs to store managers gravitated to specific features within the platform. These two types of users — video and data — speak to the value that Prism brings throughout an organization, and inspired our latest self-service mobile applications Vision and Insight.


In short, we’ve re-defined video. Through breakthroughs in video condensation technology, we’ve transformed video data from a dense and clunky medium into a low-bandwidth stream of information that can be efficiently dissected and analyzed. When combined with Object Stream, we’ve created an unprecedented foundation to apply neural net technology to video for smarter search and analysis.


We’ve worked hard to transform the role of video for businesses, but have only scratched the surface of what’s possible. With continued innovation in machine learning and A.I., Prism is uniquely positioned to unleash the value that lives within video, and make it accessible for businesses everywhere. Stay tuned in the coming weeks and months as we share exciting updates about our platform, partners and what this will mean for your business.

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