Prism Offsite: Team-Building 2015!

This September, the Prism crew road-tripped two hours south of the Bay to spend three days at Bar SZ Ranch. In between planning the future of Prism with in-depth roadmap sessions and addressing key sales and engineering challenges with team breakouts, there were plenty of opportunities for fun as well!

Horse rides, skeet shooting, star gazing, bonfires, and feeding calves — you name it, Prism did it. Check out some of the photo highlights below!


With its location right by Pinnacles National Park, Bar SZ had beautiful, foggy views in the morning…


Perfect for flying drones!

prism offsite-meeting

The team, hard at work planning out the future of Prism.


But not too much work — after our main sessions, we split up for skeet shooting and horseback riding.

prism offsite-skeet-shooting

Sharp-shooting software engineers!

prism offsite-horseriding

Ready for the range on horse-back.

prism offsite-kittens

Did we mention there were kittens?


And the team wraps up a long day with drinks at Doc’s Saloon. Another successful offsite!

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