A Better Way to Search and Browse Video

What if you could navigate video like a Wikipedia page, jumping to the topics, times, and trends that really interest you? Prism not only makes every minute of your stores’ video privacy-protected and accessible in real-time, we make it simple to navigate with our dynamic Search feature.

Prism’s Search functions enable users to find in-store snapshots from any camera, any area of the store, at any time, using any product or category you’re interested in.

Enter in any search term – a camera or store name, or label you’ve set for a subject of interest (like a shoe rack, the front door, your POS systems) – and see results populate in real time.


search timeline gif 2

Use the timeline to swipe quickly through hours and days of images to find periods of high activity.


sites cameras search gif 2

Quickly click between sites and cameras to see the store, department, or display you’re interested in.

Dynamic Search makes finding the visual data you need intuitive and easy. Next time you’re wading through hours of video footage searching for answers about your store, get a demo from us instead.


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