3 Reasons Retailers Are Counting On Prism

Foot traffic is one of the most important metrics for brick-and-mortar retailers. Knowing exactly how many people are in a store enables retailers to measure customer conversion and optimize staffing. 

Retailers have been employing various types of counting technologies for decades, but issues with accuracy, scalability, and even getting access to the data have left many underwhelmed. So what makes Prism different?

Retail Analytics - Advanced People Counting Report

Count Anywhere

It’s one thing to know how many people enter your stores. It’s another thing entirely to understand how many people are in any floor or department, or even in front of a display. Prism provides accurate counts in any area of the store, allowing for conversion to be understood in much greater detail than is allowed by simple door counts.

Get the Right Results

Our cloud architecture allows for continuous visual validation of counting performance. Simply put: We verify that our data is accurate time and time again. And where other counting solutions degrade over time due to inevitable changes in store lighting and design, Prism becomes increasingly accurate, as our intelligent algorithms continue to learn and understand the store environment.

Retail Analytics - Entry CountingImmediate Access

Whether it’s through our API or our app, our counting data is available in real time on any device. This means anyone from store managers to executives can get interactive summaries, CSVs, and visualizations of how well their stores are performing. 

With the holidays coming up, it’s an ideal time to start measuring store performance and prepare for the biggest season in retail. We’re here to help you get started!


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