Behind the Lens: Keith Deming, Platform Team Lead

keith deming, platform engineering team lead at prism

Prism’s merchandising and business intelligence service can run on virtually any device — and the Platform team makes it happen. I sat down with Keith Deming, our Platform Engineering team lead, to see what they’re about.

Favorite Food:

Lamb Vindaloo

Favorite Quote:

“The mind self-edits. The mind airbrushes. It’s a different thing to be inside a body than outside. From outside, you can look, inspect, compare. From inside there is no comparison.”

What’s your role at Prism Skylabs?

I am the team lead for the platform integrations group. That position includes vetting new platforms that we want to work with, coming up with different ways to integrate with them (and that process varies on the basis of the different types of APIs used by different kinds of camera manufacturers), and then working with my team to ensure that those integrations function as expected.

What are you working on right now?

Our big push at present is to continue to improve stability and scalability. In addition to that we’re wrapping up an integration with a camera manufacturer that will allow us to be scalable in a different way, in that if our software is running directly on the camera, we’re not limited by server capacity.

What drew you to Prism Skylabs?

The whole product idea seemed very interesting; I liked the idea of doing this all in the cloud. Apart from thinking that the product was really great and an interesting innovation, I really liked the people. I used to work with Doug and Steve over at 3VR, so coming into Prism, there were already people that I knew and that I respected. I like small companies as well; I like the way that it feels like a family. At Prism you’ve got a bunch of sharp people who do cool things together. It’s great.

What aspects of your job at Prism Skylabs do you like best?

I immensely enjoy the collaborative moments, when I get to bring other people into my sphere of work and we can exchange ideas – I can see what they’re doing and they can see what I’m doing. It’s always really cool to see some technology that someone else is working on; I really enjoy the opportunity to be introduced to something that maybe I’ve only touched tangentially in my own work.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I like to play pool, I enjoy the movie going experience, I like to go biking, and I enjoy hiking. I also quite like reading, in particular urban fantasy; I just finished the Atrocity Archives. 

What’s your background outside of Prism Skylabs?

Going way back, I ran the IT operations in North America for the government of Singapore’s Investment Corporation. I then went to get my Masters in Computer Science, focusing on human-computer interaction. After that I did some independent contract work, and through that, I found 3VR. My work there introduced me to the folks I now work with at Prism.

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