Understanding Store Performance

What if you knew — in real time — exactly how well each of your stores was performing?

It’d be pretty exciting.

Prism Retail Sites

That’s why we built Site Dashboards in Prism 2. You get to see how busy your stores are and how well they’re performing compared to previous weeks. You can even dive into specific areas — whether it’s a new sale rack or the entire Men’s Department — so you can measure conversion and understand traffic just like you do on your website.

Managing staffing, ensuring compliance, and improving operations across thousands of stores is simply not easy. And it’s hurting retailers. According to RIS News’ Omnichannel Readiness report, 6.5% of retail revenue is lost due to a lack of streamlined processes, technologies, and structures across stores.

Now that’s something we can really help with.

We want to make it as easy as possible for retailers and other businesses to understand and optimize store performance. That’s why we’ve built Prism 2 to provide real-time answers to the questions that matter most:

  •         • How many people are in any area of the store?
  •         • Which products do customers interact with most?
  •         • Which areas of the store do customers spend the most time in?

If you’re interested in better understanding store performance, you might want to chat with our resident retail expert Cliff Crosbie, who’s more or less a living, breathing, walking, retail optimization machine (and also a really good guy) .

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