Behind the Lens: Yelena Reyfer, QA Lead

Favorite Food:

Thai! Chicken curry in particular.

Favorite Quote:

There’s a very old Russian saying I’m fond of: “Everything’s going to be okay or even better.”

At Prism, we want our app to be perfect. That’s why we were recently lucky enough to have Yelena join the team. She’s helping ensure that our app’s the best it can be — I caught up with her to chat about what she does and how she does it.

What’s your role at Prism Skylabs?

I am a QA lead. That means I oversee all testing activities for all our products, and ensure we meet our high standards in quality. I’m responsible for making sure that we use the right practices in the software development, and find new ways to make the process more efficient. I also ensure that however our software works, I’m able to test it to the extent that it needs to be tested. Basically, whatever the engineers do, I test!

What are you working on right now?

We just released our new version of edge software, and now I’m preparing test documentation. Additionally, I’ll shortly begin testing a new release of the web app, which should come out this week with a couple of new cool features. In parallel, I’m also training our recent addition to QA department, Nelson Cheung, who came to us from UC Davis.

What drew you to Prism Skylabs?

Two things: first, the product not only has really interesting business applications, but it also fits in perfectly with my background in video and analytics. Second, I was very interested in startups and startup culture, and Prism stood out to me from the moment I interviewed here. Everyone seemed incredibly engaged and nice.

What aspects of your job at Prism Skylabs do you like best?

I really enjoy testing – which is good, because I do a lot of it! I love working on finding issues and then debugging the app bit by bit (so to speak).  It’s a creative process – they write something, I figure out how to break it and recreate it stronger. It’s fun!

What do you like to do outside of work?

My hobby is my kids – I spend most of my time with them, doing their hobbies! Otherwise, I really love going to the theater and operas. I came from a musical background and that’s stuck with me; every chance I get, I’m at a concert or performance.

What’s your background outside of Prism Skylabs?

I have about 16 years of experience in QA, working for all sorts of different companies. I’ve always been passionate about working at startups, and that led me to organizations like Virgin Mobile USA, Sling Media, Lithium Technologies – and now, Prism Skylabs.