Feature Focus: Heatmaps

X-Ray vision may be a thing of science fiction, but fortunately for retailers, computer vision is not.

Thanks to our rock star engineering team, our customers are able to quickly and easily understand which areas of the store are attracting the most customers, and even which products are picked up the most.

Heatmaps are a great way to answer key merchandising and operations questions about any offline business: Are the endcaps effective? Which displays increase customer engagement? What products do customers care about the most?

The answers to these questions — and the heatmaps that provide them — are all hidden within the video cameras that already exist in your stores. And the best part? It only takes five minutes to start using them.

To learn more about our heatmaps, feel free to reach out to our customer engagement team, who can chat with you in English, Spanish, German, Russian, and of course, retail.